How the Water Pump Works

The type of pump installed in our pumphouse is a piston pump driven by an electric motor. A series of connecting rods transfer the cyclic motion of the flywheel to the pump at the bottom of the well.

Piston pumps have their pump cylinder below ground and in the water table. Instead of sucking well water out, they lift a column of water upward through the riser main. Each consecutive stroke of the connecting rods causes the piston to displace more water up the riser until it flows out the pipe feeding the pressure vessel.

Theoretically, the depth from which a piston pump can pump water is unlimited. In practice, however, the limit is determined by the fabrication and materials of the pump cylinder and rod and also the piston valves and seals.

The following is a diagram showing the pump in the well. Click on the lower part of the diagram to see more detail relating to the operating parts. For a basic idea of the pump operation, click here.


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