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16    Stone Shed

This historic shed was built using displaced rocks and lime mortar. It was supposedly built by the original occupier of the land, Hugh Carleton, sometime in the 1860s, although it may have been built much earlier by Henry and William Williams. Its original use was for storage. It is considered the oldest, still-standing building in Paihia.

By about 1880 it was being used as a school house for the children of the Yorke and Joyce families. While some think that it was Paihia's first school, this is incorrect. There are historical records of schools run by missionaries starting from the beginning of European settlement here.

In 1920, Charles Yorke used sand and materials from the beach with mortar to repair the building. From 1920, when the Williams House was built, until 1993, the building was used as a garden shed by the Williams family.

By 2005, the shed was in a very sorry state of repair. At this time it was restored by Dennis McCondach on behalf of the Far North District Council and the Friends of Williams House. More detail of the restoration can be found here.

The shed has now been converted to a museum, with a display cabinet containing a number of our conserved artefacts. There are also interpretive signs provided. For an more information about the museum, click here.

For more detail about the history of the stone shed, please click this link.

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